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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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My attempts to overpersuade to what did not lead.Life disaccustomed these children to blind belief as any adult they trusted personal experience.Children cannot pass to understanding of the highest requirements, will not satisfy the lowest yet.What verses?What informal conversations if all life experience hammered into a body and consciousness shouts dangerously to open, dangerously to trust, dangerously to relax.Unless it is possible to oppose to such experience romantic nonsense about humanity and harmony of the world, about high mission of human destiny.

This apple. Apple

How to maintain

How to maintain interest in training at the child Some people doubt success of attempts to develop the child with heavy violations, considering that to spend time and forces on development of its too limited abilities senselessly.Similar feelings after an unlucky day quite often overwhelm parents even ordinary children!Any who watched the child who resolutely and persistently tries to make something, available to another who saw his delight from a victory, will understand: the child with violations not less any other feels need to win.

And now one way to run on doctors, to make

And here we already WANTED the child.But!Precious time when it could be made from a halfkick left.Povylezali the different sores undertreated in reckless youth.Psychological problems were added to loading.And now one way to run on doctors, to make tests, to be treated, nervous and guess, it will turn out or it will not turn out.I it therefore with such confidence say that here they, all these stories, before eyes.And not one, not two, not three!

In our life

After all the first contact rallies very strongly.Besides the man who was present at childbirth up to the end feels the participation to this greatest event, realizes the value of life of a small being and value of human life in general.He takes at once an active position in relation to the kid and at once feels responsibility for his destiny.In our life often happens so that men leave the wives and children for the sake of other woman and her children.Men throw the child to bring up the STRANGER.

It is interesting, whether

It is interesting, whether in it teenagers see the difference from adults, including themselves thus right, and adults no.It is also interesting to me, and whether children know that they already show madness even if they also do not agree with it, speaking: You, parents, can drink, knowing norm, to us, to cool teenagers, it does not approach and also adding: We drink not so much.According to researches which were conducted by Dan Segrist, the doctor of philosophy, professor of psychology in Sausvestern Illinois college, usually teenagers consider that drink less than the friends.

Such more

Once, when we went together with the father by the car, broadcast this cheerful reklamka.The father asked, whether many teenagers of my age have sex.I answered that generally is not present.Such more among children is more senior than me for a year and two.Then he told me that in years his many friends were in this regard much more skilled than it, and he always felt thrown out from life.Therefore he began to participate in parties and to have sex with little girls who absolutely were not pleasant to it.

At this

Sight and thin motility We already noted that ability of the baby to reach subjects and to take them depends on his ability to keep balance and to control the actions by means of sight.Very often at this stage of development all movements of the child who tries to keep step with a toy, too wide, and he often loses balance.Gradually, for some months, the movements will become more economical and measured.At this stage the thin movements are improved quickly.The Hvatatelny movement becomes more graceful.


Walls of this cocoon collect information, but also protect consciousness of the child from dissolution in a stream of consciousness of people around.Bubbles run on a stream, without being dissolved in it.In a cocoon there are all ideas of the world necessary for the child providing its thought process and normal activity.Gradually the free discharged space of consciousness starts taking constant shape and to be filled.The Image of the World is so formed.It is under construction of examples of behavior and representations which are formed from personal experience, memoirs, and also imaginations, hopes, offenses and in general any stuff.

In general, it appeared

And during Dashas feeding solved: ah, you do not have enough food, so eat, how many you want.Also put the daughter to one breast for minutes, and to the second minutes on I desperately envied the neigbour in the relations with which supported a friendly neutrality, its milk came still in the night from Saturday to Sunday.In general, it appeared very friendly and benevolent lady, but with addictions.I was simply shocked when she asked from me for permission to smoke in a toilet.

Simply now society

Now orphanages are recognized outdated around the world.Though nobody proved that education in collective is worse, than education in a family.Simply now society provides a huge number of alternatives, having taken away the most part of restrictions, a ban and guarantees.Life became complicated so that the child who left orphanage is simply not able to choose reasonably a further way between various alternatives.Whether it is worth being surprised to that now the official statistics almost mechanically enlists all graduates of orphanages in group of risk.

It is possible

Usually it is done of dense foam material with vinyl, polyvinylchloride or the polyester washing covering that is especially valuable if the small child.It is possible to choose a wedge of any color, the size, with a suitable corner of an inclination.When the kid lies on a wedge, its center of gravity is displaced to a basin, and it is easier for it to hold the head and a trunk on the average line, to keep stability in a humeral and pelvic belt, to remove forward hands and to connect them on the average line of a body, especially in a prone position on a stomach.

Through a floor

Through a floor of year Shurik was in public elected in Small Council, and soon after that he began to help to teach history in the seventh and eighth classes, and also Russian lessons in the fifth class, having almost forgotten to make that managed spelling errors on the page.And the main thing that there is a wish to emphasize, it ceased to connect the future with Moscow, he understands that its happiness now envy at most and a rationality of his personality, but not from a geographical point where there arrives the body.

Then in , class

Then already also thirst of knowledge came: history, geography.Then in , class I had not to distract on it any more.I quickly did homework and I had a lot of time for normal outofschool life.At school near Tver I was the president of council of selfgovernment of school.I assumed all responsible missions.And in Kitezh I somehow separated at the beginning personal and public.I could not make concessions.Charged to me and I have to execute everything up to the end.

At least

Morozov who allowed me to become by itself, and also all parents and children of Kitezh with gratitude I devote to my parents Victoria and Vladimir Introduction Question, and whether correctly we raise children, by the existing tradition it is considered, generally speaking, indecent.At least because the last years twenty society pays attention to children only during advertizing of diapers.Fortunately the loving, responsible parents were not translated yet, and also the grandfathers and grandmothers who are brought up in old traditions which try to prepare in an individual order the child for a meeting with adult life.

If mother

The child will not will will consider most fixedly you and to follow an example.If mother validly treats force and mind of the father the child will learn this feeling.If the father is attentive and careful if in him readiness to protect, preserve, make the decision and even to go on the victims for the sake of the family is noticeable, and the child will emotionally be hooked for this sample and over time will try to correspond to it.You can bring up sharply and rigidly, can softly bring up, but you SHOULD NOT use at once both ways.

Where there

Carry out it!… But he will tell: Where this wealth, what it?And you do not measure!You simply creatively become by itself.Where there will be no mind fill with heart; where there will be no fortress fill with association.And you will see: that you cannot carry out one, in cooperation with others you can carry out and … grow up in the measure of creativity and pleasure.Anthony Surozhsky.The person before God.COOPERATION FIELD almost according to L.

It does not concern

, they willingly will accept such situation.And why to strain if the wife solves all and will make?Very conveniently!And, above all any excess gestures, any excess efforts, any disorders.It does not concern me, the wife will make all.And after all put here not only and not so much in childbirth.Matter in understanding of a place and role of the man in a family.On that it and the HEAD to take part in the solution of ALL questions, but not to get rid of them completely on the wife.

In some months

In some months in the same situation she will tell: It is not so terrible, the truth?.As soon as mother does not need to support constantly the child when he sits, or most to overturn it, it starts directing behavior of the kid so that it helped it: at first it uses gestures and words, and then only words.For example: Well lift handles, and I will take off from you a sweater, Thrust a foot into a boot, Keep more strong not to fall, Put a towel, I will wash you, Sit quietly I will clasp a jacket.

To begin

To create the situations developing visual and acoustical approximate reactions, their interaction.To cause reaction of the child to suddenly arising sounds.To begin representation of a subject with acoustical influences.At emergence of acoustical reaction start, blinking to carry out also display.With a rattle or a hand bell To develop acoustical concentration on the sounding subject, by the adults voice which is out of sight of the child.The child has to concentrate at a strong sound.

One was brought

It incredibly strong?How this means interacts with alcohol or other drugs?Recently we visited in hospital of the friend, and at this time to office brought two teenagers.One was brought already under a sheet.He died in an ambulance car.Another as we learned later, became mentally retarded.Teenagers that came with me, were a little familiar with them.The brought boys took drug which distributed at a party.They inhaled it.It appeared, it was pure morphine.

The child

In many countries now develop special educational programs for children with different types of violations.It is very important that such programs is possibility of a choice for parents much.In Great Britain the preference is given to special classes in usual schools, in such classes the teachers who had special training teach.The child with violations who studies in such class, easily is included into collective, uses school computers, typewriters, scientific devices.At usual school children who behind its walls not always have opportunity to communicate with the outside world, feel as part of big association and do not become isolated in hothouse conditions of a family.

But the vector

Ignorance of the theory of emergence of the earth or fundamentals of anatomy will not affect survival in the conditions of the city jungle in any way.Of course, if to want to escape from the jungle!But for this purpose the Cinderella has to want to go to a ball.At Kitezhsky school Mischa with Petya started meeting lacks in a scientific picture of the world.But the vector of destiny of Mischa practically did not deviate.He all the same did not want anything to know beyond a limit of the next requirements.

Now we approached

I represent as difficultly it to digest to the adult consciousness which got used to consider the behavior faultless, and an image of the world only true.Well, and so the childs problems always testify to that, something not everything is safe in the kingdom Danish, that is at adult family members.Now we approached the most important.If I wrote the doctoral dissertation, would draw such conclusion: Proceeding from the aforesaid, it is possible to take for granted that the aspiration to GOOD and MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING is put in each child.

The expert

The expert will define, what possibilities of the child at different provisions of a body, will note asymmetry of a pose and movements and will pick up such seat which will be suitable for your kid, will define how it is necessary to adjust it that it provided necessary support, but thus stimulated control of position of a body, motive functions etc.Some general recommendations For children of months the Sitting position the most active situation for game.To this age they already well control position of a trunk, keep balance, can incline actively a trunk forward in a sitting position, bending and unbending feet in coxofemoral joints.

They fatefully

Perenashivany pregnancies it seemed to me where bigger danger.In the hall of an accident ward there was line of two arriving pregnant women with fights.They fatefully waited for permission to get for a white door with an inscription Viewing with which the way to motherhood begins.This piece of wood seemed to me at that moment gate in the other world.Here you still here, on this party, lead the habitual life, and everything is familiar, perceived around, clearly.

At a hemiplegia

If he gives a hand to a mouth or slightly will throw back the head, can fall on a back.At a hemiplegia development too follows the normal way, and skills of independent meal develop without special difficulties.One important detail: at this form of a cerebral palsy the child acts only with a healthy hand and looks only at it.If he sits in the wrong pose, in a spastichny hand and a brush there will be associative motive reactions, and it will be difficult for it to learn to eat with a knife and a fork.

The majority

But there are two conditions: the child has to be able to swim and he should dress a life jacket.Naturally, it is necessary to pay special attention to safety and to take all necessary precautionary measures.The majority of us are fond of any sport or active recreation.If your child shows to them interest, surely give it the chance and help to take in them part.Part VI Appendices Appendix I Illustrations to some terms Appendix II Early stages of sensomotorny development: short review The purpose of this review to show, how important, training the child with a cerebral palsy, independently to use various functional skills, to understand regularities of sensomotorny development which are the cornerstone of all these skills.

In some

, and.That you understood how the reliable support when he lies on one side is important for the child and plays or looks at toys, try to read the book lying, without having enclosed a pillow under the head.In some seconds you will feel that it is inconvenient and difficult for you to read, and will lean on an elbow because the support is necessary for your head.If the kid has not too heavy form of a cerebral palsy, but nevertheless it is difficult for it, playing on a floor, to keep in situation on one side, it is worth trying to enclose it under a back the roller which is put usually under a door for protection against drafts.

Attention. You should

First hands

If earlier, fascinated by the mothers person, the child marked out one his line, now he considers him entirely transfers a view from her forehead of a smile, from eyes on a chin and back.When mother talks to the kid, he smiles, babbles, screams, his little body coils.First hands and fingers move, later there are more organized, repeating movements by hands these movements are rhythmical and alternate pauses.Researches showed that this stage of vocalizations when the child makes various sounds, precedes development of the speech.


If the child relatively is not mobile or, for example, never was in the country, he will not be able to learn on the picture of pets.Select books carefully, try to broaden the world of the child.Showing an unfamiliar subject on the picture, call it, tell for what it is necessary, describe its features, color etc.; begin with nouns, then pass to adjectives and verbs.Thus do not forget that it is impossible to tell for once about everything.Later, when the kid will learn something, it is useful to use for occupations the illustrated explanatory dictionary for children.

As expected, Dasha

Really, the girl woke up and began to groan discontentedly.My God, My God!What she is a baby!Nights of the handle are crooked, the movements clumsy.And what it under the right handle?I hardly constrained tears under the right armpit of my daughter the stick from bandage which fixed plechiko, and together with it, probably, and the clavicle broken in childbirth was laid.As expected, Dasha obkakatsya.The chair was dense and almost black.The nurse explained that it is meconium, it has to leave before the system of digestion earns.

On my expenses. I earn

By the evening

Again the main problem rejection by mother.In the evening in the afternoon.By the evening it is vigorous, full of strength, strains to be in action, regrets that missed rehearsal.The mood equal, derives obvious pleasure from care and attention of people that recovered, it is afflicted that it is necessary to stay a day more of the house.Reads, misses, sulks.Badly transfers inaction, the tone falls.

I do not support

I could not afford that some test spoiled all my chance, and I cannot bring parents.Gerry Belmar, New Jersey.My son the good pupil, but it can expel from school that on the fatherinlaw it used the writtendown answers of the teacher.I do not support its action at all he made a bad act and for it has to be punished, but I think that at school him treat too severely.I see how he studies and what subjects studies.The child very much tries to get to colleges which chose, and now, it turns out, he has no chance.


Even better radio sets with a microphone for speaking and the transmitter.Children with heavy relative deafness by means of visual aids need to be trained in reading on lips and a sign language for example, in Great Britain Makatons system is widely used.The correct situation at communication is very important for the child with motive violations it is necessary to provide it good support of the head and trunk, the face of the interlocutor has to be lit.An insert of the hearing aid that part which is inserted into an ear it is necessary to pick up well, it should not move strongly at the movements of the child that in the device there were no unpleasant sounds.


For those to whom it is interesting Duties of the teacher of Kitezhsky high school Teachers in Kitezh spend with children more time, than parents, sometimes even intellectual contact with children at them happens closer.Process of education is not limited by formal lessons in a class, and covers all range of interaction of persons.Therefore special requirements are imposed to teachers in Kitezh.The teacher bears responsibility for a vital choice of the child, for formation of its character.

But it always

A year ago parents changed in the relation with each other, and I did not know that occurs.Once I entered the room of parents because heard as mother cries.When I entered, mother at once ceased to cry and told that everything is fine.I thought that it is seriously sick with something because often saw it crying after that.But it always said that everything is all right.It was the lie.Was nothing as it should be, parents divorced in two months.Scott, years, Hartley, Delaware.

As cruelly

I thought that it will last for a long time especially as our expenditure were reduced when I settled houses.As cruelly I was mistaken!This money ended earlier, than my paid sicklist!And to that I, actually, am surprised?Children pleasure expensive, and dowry only iceberg top.Still it was necessary to pay for childbirth.Also it is a separate subject.To whom to pay for childbirth?Health care in our country, of course, the free.But we got used for a long time to that doctors should pay.

The child

For a start lets it study the most usual subjects in the house which it will be able at desire to take itself.For example, enclose in hands to the kid apple, orange or banana in a peel, help it to hold fruit, to feel its surface, to get acquainted with its form, call fruit and its properties which the kid feels hands.The child with a heavy form of a cerebral palsy Game begins only when the child manages to make something most.If toys are not interesting to it, it is necessary to pick up others.

I simply

Outside it is shown by an alyapisty fighting coloring of lips and eyes, the most open clothes and obviously provocative behavior: Hey, the club, your stomach sticks out, drawers are wide … And you, a galosh, be silent.I simply try to tighten pants … Whether is not present round boys?All these phrases intend to them!The remark of the senior girl unless it is so possible to behave, brings only to that platitudes pour with the doubled force.Here joins also a deep instinct of rivalry.


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